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Shasta Disabled Sports offers January Ski Buddy Trainings

The folks at Shasta Disabled Sports USA (SDS) in Upper CA are some of my favorite Ski Buddies have fun!people. They are all dedicated volunteers intent on sharing their love of the outdoors and their passion for fun – with people of all ages who have a disability of any kind.   During the summer their offerings include rock climbing, fishing, rafting and overnight camping trips.  During winter, SDS offers assisted skiing, both downhill and Nordic, as well as snowshoeing.

Right now Shasta Disabled Sports is gearing up for their annual Ski Buddy Trainings.

If you yourself love to ski, are local to the Mt. Shasta, CA area, and would like to share your passion by helping someone who cannot experience the sport on their own, SDS will train you in helping others who have lost the use of their legs, are blind, or have another disability that would normally prevent them from experiencing the slopes.

Trainings take place from 10am-1pm on Sunday January  8, and Sunday January 23.

Held at the Mount Shasta Ski Park, Ski Park Hwy off Hwy 89 (off Hwy 5).

Info: (530) 925-1531. www.shastadsusa.org

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A Dog In The Family – A Guide To Knowing If The Time Is Right

© Lisa Shara

Dogs! They offer the qualities of affection, loyalty and a sense of adventure, and can be a great addition to your family…but when? Your kids may think the right time is now, but how do you really know if your family is ready for the responsibility of a new canine member?

Before deciding to bring a new dog into the family, here are some things to consider:

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Be The Change – John Cunningham, MFT, Mount Shasta

Published in North State Parent magazine June 2011.

Whether global or local, a healthy community respects all ages and fosters connection and support. John Cunningham has a passion for building community that embraces youth. “A community with a good foundation offers its members a net to fall back on.

It even helps to raise each other’s children, by the willingness to be a presence in their lives, even if it’s just to keep a watching eye,” John says.

One of John’s many fans includes Mark Telles, Superintendent of Castle Rock Union Elementary School District in Castella. “John is an unwavering advocate for inspiring and empowering youth as they learn what it takes to become skillful contributors to the vibrancy of their community,” says Mark. “He has the ability to discern what is needed and to inspire contributions of time, energy and resources. John, with others, helped bring the nationally acclaimed Challenge Day program to hundreds of local high school students, giving teens the opportunity to acquire new tools for healthy self-expression.”

John grew up in Dallas, Texas and moved to California while attending John F. Kennedy University, graduating with a degree in transpersonal counseling psychology. He has been an active marriage and family therapist since 1985; a post-grad program led him to Redding in 1989. For the past 13 years John has made his home in Mt. Shasta, where he first met his wife Claudia Mansfield. His two children are Isaac, age 28, and Jocela, age 25.

John CunninghamJohn has taught in special education, serving severely emotionally disturbed kids. Along with his private therapy practice, John is involved with corporate executive coaching, helping participants make positive long-term changes. He’s also a workshop facilitator. Each aspect of John’s career brings perspective to his work with community.

I asked John who has inspired him to make a difference. “Doug Carter came along and wrecked my world,” he joked. John says Doug, a corporate trainer and executive coach, “inspired me to understand my deeper genius. The way I saw myself and my work was profoundly changed forever.”

John is involved with a project that originated with Doug: the multi-generational Communication Council of the Siskiyou Union High School District. To improve communication between all ages, the Council hosts two ongoing public events at Mt. Shasta High School (MSHS) during the school year.

At fast-paced monthly Communication Council meetings, participants are encouraged to bring project ideas and to share what their project is, what excites them about it, where they ideally see their project going and the next step for implementing their project. The group offers support, feedback and brainstorming, allowing individuals to discern the viability of their idea and to create an action plan.

Secondly, John facilitates a monthly “Challenge Night,” also for community members of all ages. During Challenge Nights, John uses storytelling and poetry to inspire connection and change. Youth participant Chad Oliver says: “John leads you to your own conclusions. He has a mischievous side! It’s one way he relates to teens… a lot of adults don’t let themselves play. He has an infectious sense of humor.”

Storytelling can spark thought and cut through to underlying emotion. While working with gang youth, John recalls, “What’s amazing is how stories and poetry brought the young men out. Opposing gang members connected though a common ground. Working together, it was a time of learning the relevance of stories and poetry and being in community. That’s powerful stuff.”

John is a strong believer in mentoring. “We all need mentoring,” John says. “Author/poet Robert Bly asks, ‘Who admired you when you were young and told you so?’ Young men who are not being admired are being hurt. Men end up in my office and they don’t know why; a root cause is that they were never admired for who they are when they were young.”

John also helps facilitate Leadership classes at MSHS. The classes provide an opportunity for youth to both develop leadership skills and to talk about what’s on their minds. Chad Oliver, a graduating participant says, “John has touched my life in so many different ways. He is deeply wise, yet so playful and humorous that his teachings are as subtle as they are powerful. Overall, I think John’s greatest gift has been his solid support and loving encouragement that has given me the confidence to live up to my fullest potential.”

Contact John at (530) 926-5888.

Writer Lisa Shara resides in Siskiyou County. Her life is enriched by involvement with several community projects.

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Seth Gordan: Sentences, paragraphs and chapters

Love this, from Seth Gordan:

Sentences, paragraphs and chapters

It’s laughably easy to find someone to critique a sentence, to find a missing apostrophe or worry about your noun-verb agreement.

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to find someone who can tell you that a paragraph is dull, or out of place.

But finding people to rearrange the chapters, to criticize the very arc of what you’re building, to give you substantive feedback on your strategy–that’s insanely valuable and rare.

Perhaps one criticism in a hundred is actually a useful and generous contribution in your quest to reorganize things for the better.

[And for those in need of subtitles, this isn't a post about your next novel. It's about your business, your career and your life.]

Four people tell you that there was a typo on the third slide in your presentation. A generous and useful editor (hard to call them a consultant), though, points out that you shouldn’t be doing presentations at all, and your time would be better spent meeting in small groups with your best clients.

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Evan Grant TED Talk: Making sound visible through cymatics

Evan Grant demonstrates the science and art of cymatics, a process for making soundwaves visible.

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Angélique Kidjo – Enough Energy, Passion & Focus to Influence the World

This article first appeared in North State Parent magazine in March 2008; © Lisa Shara

On March 15th, 2008, the legendary Angélique Kidjo came to Chico’s Laxson Auditorium Angelique Kidjo Cover to share her world-renowned music. Kidjo is also known for her role with UNICEF, her association with Oxfam, and for the organization she founded and holds close to her heart: Batonga Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to expand secondary school opportunities for poor and orphaned girls in sub-Saharan Africa.

Even in the flurry of activity following her recent Grammy win for Best Contemporary World Music Album for her 2007 release Djin Djin, Kidjo took time to speak with us about her passion for music, education, and for making a difference in the lives of children and teenagers.

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The Importance of Clear Business Goals

Bill Lawrence, VP and managing director at NuRun, makes a good point: “Get back to basics before you all jump off a bridge.” Continue reading

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VermiComposting – Your Garden’s Best Friends at Work

Mark Purser of The Worm Farm in Durham, CAEarthworms are fascinating creatures, and are certainly one of the most active and commonly known members of the soil food web. They are major players in the realm of decomposers, breaking down organic waste and recycling nutrients obtained from bacteria and fungi growing on decaying matter. They are certainly all-stars in the garden. Continue reading

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Doctor Noize and his Friend Mr. Beethoven – Youth Concert with North State Symphony

Dr. Noize with young fans
On September 24th and 25th, 2009 award-winning children’s music artist Dr. Noize will be appearing in Chico and Redding, CA  in collaboration with the North State Symphony, in two special concerts geared for youth. North State Symphony Executive Director Keith Herritt encourages all parents to attend this fun musical experience with their children.
When asked what’s special about the upcoming concert Herritt chuckled, “It’s exciting because this will be the most ambitious, fun and original youth concert we’ve done to date-it’s the first time we’ve reached out to involve a guest artist like Dr. Noize. We’ll be playing some very familiar selections like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and we’ll also be playing short original works written specifically for the concert by Dr. Noize. It’s a great way to introduce kids to symphonic music.”

Dr. Noize & charactersAbout Dr. Noize

Dr. Noize (Cory Cullinan) performs across the country in family-oriented shows, sharing music in all its varieties with young audiences. He was raised and began his career in the San Francisco Bay Area, and more recently moved to Colorado with his wife and two young daughters. Continue reading

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