Shasta Garden Railway Society: An Addictive Hobby

© Lisa Shara; Published in North State Parent, November 2014


Mike Evans says the beginning of his fascination with model trains began when he was about 4 years old and he “inherited” his older brother’s Lionel train set. Now an active member of the Shasta Garden Railway Society (SGRS), Mike attempts to describe just how addicting model railroading can be, laughingly describing it as “a viral infection.” Trains played a memorable role in his childhood. He recalls his dad’s weekly train commutes, leaving Redding, CA, on Sunday nights to get to his to job in Oakland, and returning home Friday nights. And then there were the special days of January, when, after the majority of the neighborhood kids had received model trains for Christmas, they would come over, bringing their tracks and trains, and “we would run trains throughout the entire house, playing for hours and hours.” Continue reading