Bike Kitchen Peddles Good Nutrition


Looking for new ideas for preparing healthy foods? Keep an eye out for a pedal-driven kitchen at local farmers markets and community events in Chico. Called the Edible Pedal, the mobile bike kitchen provides cooking demonstrations using fresh, local foods.

Sitting on a modified Pedicab base, the bike kitchen is equipped with stainless steel counters, two sinks, a fresh water reservoir, waste-water tanks, shelves, cooking gear, and a stove, oven and propane tank. A canopy and demonstration viewing mirror provide shade and visibility for those watching the chef create.

Weighing approximately 650 pounds, depending on the energy of the rider, the Edible Pedal can cruise at speeds up to 15 mph! Continue reading

Frank Yamma “Nguta Waljilpa”

One of my favorite songs (became part of the soundtrack of my life some years back), written and sung by Frank Yamma. “Nguta Waljilpa” is found on Frank’s album “Countryman” released late 2010/early 2011. Son of the late singer/songwriter Issac Yamma (1940-1990), Frank speaks five languages. He sings primarily in Pitjantjatjara (Central Australia’s Western Dessert) and English. “Unesco considers Pitjantjatjara to be a “vulnerable” language, Austlang considers Pitjantjatjara to be “definitely endangered” (grade 3).”

Recording has some issues (sounds like ceiling fans are making a whooshing noise), but love that this was recorded at all – The Festival Youth Choir performs Ngura Watjilpa at the opening of the 2011 Castlemaine State Festival.

For those with facebook, one other touching acoustic performance:

Shasta Garden Railway Society: An Addictive Hobby

© Lisa Shara; Published in North State Parent, November 2014


Mike Evans says the beginning of his fascination with model trains began when he was about 4 years old and he “inherited” his older brother’s Lionel train set. Now an active member of the Shasta Garden Railway Society (SGRS), Mike attempts to describe just how addicting model railroading can be, laughingly describing it as “a viral infection.” Trains played a memorable role in his childhood. He recalls his dad’s weekly train commutes, leaving Redding, CA, on Sunday nights to get to his to job in Oakland, and returning home Friday nights. And then there were the special days of January, when, after the majority of the neighborhood kids had received model trains for Christmas, they would come over, bringing their tracks and trains, and “we would run trains throughout the entire house, playing for hours and hours.” Continue reading

Families in Business: Apple Blossom Baby

© Lisa Shara; Published in North State Parent, May 2014


As with many other small business owners, it was family – their own and others – that motivated Darci and James Crossin to create Apple Blossom Baby, located in Chico. “We wanted a local place that sold everything we had to order online,” explains Darci. “Since we couldn’t find one, in a sleep-deprived moment, Apple Blossom was born!” Continue reading

Ice Is Nice – Tips for Beginning Ice Skaters

© Lisa Shara, Published in North State Parent, December 2013

The Siskiyou Ice Rink

The Siskiyou Ice Rink

There’s nothing quite like the experience of ice skating to cultivate smiles. Whether gliding on ice yourself or merely observing the experience of others, the laughter and spirit of skating is contagious.

Ice skating is all-ages fun, and is truly a community experience, whether it’s happening on a frozen pond or lake, or at an ice rink. In the North State, frozen lakes coupled with suitable skating conditions are rare (but oh-so-fun when it’s possible!), making local ice rinks all the more special. Continue reading

Be The Change – John Cunningham, MFT, Mount Shasta

By Lisa Shara; Published in North State Parent magazine June 2011.

Whether global or local, a healthy community respects all ages and fosters connection and support. John Cunningham has a passion for building community that embraces youth. “A community with a good foundation offers its members a net to fall back on.

It even helps to raise each other’s children, by the willingness to be a presence in their lives, even if it’s just to keep a watching eye,” John says. Continue reading