Lisa Shara

Lisa Shara is owner of Z-Man Productions.

Her business passions include editing, writing, promotion, business organization, and projects & events production (especially passionate about fundraisers).

Her personal passions (in addition to writing and editing!) include dance, gardening, ice skating, sewing, hooping and animal rescue.

Current clients include:

North State Parent Managing Editor, Writer
Siskiyou Ice Rink Marketing Coordinator
Rock the Earth Copy Editor

Other favorite Associations:

Goliath Mountain Rescue Serving rescued German Shepherds and Huskies, dogs are available the adopters in Upper CA and Southern OR.
Shasta Live Sound
Proving quality sound for live events, serving Upper CA and Southern OR.
Shasta Disabled Sports USA Proving outdoor sporting experiences for persons of all ages and will any type of disability challenge.
Siskiyou Arts Bus Project Founded in 2005 and serving the community through 2014, the program is currently in transition with new leadership.