Shasta Disabled Sports offers January Ski Buddy Trainings

© Lisa Shara, Published in North State Parent, December 2011

The folks at Shasta Disabled Sports USA (SDS) in Upper CA are some of my favorite Ski Buddies have fun!people. They are all dedicated volunteers intent on sharing their love of the outdoors and their passion for fun – with people of all ages who have a disability of any kind.   During the summer their offerings include rock climbing, fishing, rafting and overnight camping trips.  During winter, SDS offers assisted skiing, both downhill and Nordic, as well as snowshoeing.

Right now Shasta Disabled Sports is gearing up for their annual Ski Buddy Trainings.

If you yourself love to ski, are local to the Mt. Shasta, CA area, and would like to share your passion by helping someone who cannot experience the sport on their own, SDS will train you in helping others who have lost the use of their legs, are blind, or have another disability that would normally prevent them from experiencing the slopes.

Trainings take place from 10am-1pm on Sunday January  8, and Sunday January 23.

Held at the Mount Shasta Ski Park, Ski Park Hwy off Hwy 89 (off Hwy 5).

Info: (530) 925-1531.